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Do Yu Cloud Studio has collaborated with artists across various industries. You may find examples of our work below that includes our video and photo projects. With our experience and team of experts, we can help you craft the world in the stories you are trying to tell.


If you have stories to tell, we have the team that can give them life. We have created narrative works, product promos, music videos, and personal reels. Our cinematographers, editors, VFX artists, and scriptwriters are committed to give your world color.

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Bringing Your Ideas to Film

Action, drama, comedy. We produce narrative cinematic films of all kinds. Our full service production team will help you realize your story from pre to post-production.

Present Your Brand in Its Best Light

Our videography team will help shoot, capture, and edit your videos so that you can show your goods and services in the best light possible. Tell us about your brand and we will help weave its story for your audiences to engage with and share.

Further Your Music with Video

If music is your passion, let us be your crew to help your exposure. We will make your music videos have the look and feel you are aiming to achieve cinematically. Add a face to your music and tell your story in creative and imaginative ways you never thought possible.

Bend Reality to Your Choosing

Enhance your audiences' visual experience with VFX. Our in-house experts can create the world of your imagination and take your medium to the next level. Whether it is to give your subject an out-of-body experience in your photos or creating dynamic and visual captivating scenes in your films, we got you covered. 

Entice with a Sense of Adventure 

Our well-traveled team is versed in capturing and instilling wanderlust via photography and video. Share a new visage of the world your viewers have yet to experience

Have a story to share?


Our skilled studio photographers are passionate about capturing your precious moments and have nailed down the fundamentals in lighting, shadows, composition, and emotion. As your full-service studio, Do Yu Cloud Studio will capture moments with creative twists that inspire.


Professional Headshots

Express your personality, tell your story, and present yourself in the best light possible

Wedding Photography

Commemorate the moments when you start your lifetime journey with your soulmate

Travel & Hospitality

Capture sights and experiences that drive wanderlust

Conceptual Photoshoots

Let others see a world of your own creation

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